About JamTech Music

JamTech’s mission is to provide musicians with the tools for success!

JamTech’s unique approach combines the excitement of learning, creating, and performing music with the latest and greatest in audio manipulation and transcription.  The Goal? To adapt to and educate the musicians of tomorrow!

A Unique Faculty

Our teachers are experienced musicians equipped with the latest in educational software.

Programs That Perform

We help you get in the band, in the studio, and on the stage!

Theory by Techies

JamTech’s approach to Music Theory shatters traditional training methods and equips you with the tools to succeed.

A New Method

Our school is guided by combining contemporary music and cutting edge technology. We call it “The JamTech Method.”

The “Jam” in JamTech:

Meaning music involves creative, exciting collaboration! Learning how to play your instrument on stage builds confidence while engaging the mind and muscle memory. We believe it’s important that music not just be studied, but shared. Armed with the tools of performance technique and consistent instruction, a JamTech musician can not only be prepared to play in a group, but also, can just have fun on stage!

The “Tech” in JamTech:

In our music lessons, we combine classic technique with new technology. We equip our teachers with the ability to manipulate sound files or sheet music in a way that makes the lesson room a constant source of inspiration!

At JamTech: We Teach like a Techie, You Jam Like a Pro!

Ready to get Started?

We are too!  Thats why we would love to chat with you about our programs, pricing, and all around general information.  

We just need a few pieces of information, and we can get started!

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