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JamTech’s lesson programs are taught one-on-one by professional musicians with a passion for education. Weekly 45 minute lessons with our JamTech Method certified instructors will ensure you’re always getting better, learning more, and having fun!

Students enrolled in one of our performance programs will receive the direction and instruction needed to excel in their private lessons. Whether you’re in JamTech Artist, Garage, Session, or Pro, our private lesson program will always keep you prepared. Our private lessons are all 45 minutes per lesson.


From power chords, barre chords, and open chords, to advanced lead guitar techniques like bending, slurs, sweeps, taps, and harmonics, you’ll have your hands full of practicing tools and tips to take your playing to the next level!


From building speed and technique to learning the many different types of keyboarded instruments like piano, wurlitzer, organ, and synth, there’s no shortage on stylistic and composition ideas to learn!


From alternate plucking and rest strokes, to slurs and slap-bass you’ll be ready to groove with the best of them!


From four-on-the-floor and shuffles to advanced paradiddles, ghost notes, and flam patterns, the techniques covered in private lessons will give you a solid foundation to becoming an in-demand drummer.


From singing lead and harmony parts to studying the advanced vocal techniques of mixed voice, vocal fry, and falsetto, vocal students will be given a comprehensive modern approach to healthy vocal technique.