JamTech Programs

Music Programs taught by our experienced faculty

JamTech Session

The JamTech Session program prepares students for the stage! Building on curriculum taught in private instruction, Session students will meet once a week to play together, working towards a themed show at the end of a season. This is the chance for intermediate to advanced players to learn new techniques and a greater volume of material.

JamTech Garage

So many great bands started in their garage, and so will you, in our JamTech Garage band! Geared towards younger musicians, the JamTech Garage program is all about having fun! Song curriculum adapted for younger musicians keeps them having fun, while encouraging reading and performing music!

JamTech Artist

Make your own band! JamTech Artist focuses on taking an ensemble and crafting original material for the studio and stage. Focusing on strengths of songwriting, arranging, and transcription, the band that signs up together will have the opportunity to assume the different roles that exist in a developing artist/band: finding their varied creative strengths in music.

JamTech Theory

JamTech’s approach to Music Theory is different. A comprehensive, yet flexible, program that’s focused on a student’s ability to analyze and transcribe. JamTech Theory provides not only the ear­training, but an entire new method of studying music: incorporating open­source sound editing and transcription software to give an edge to a new generation of musicians!

JamTech Pro

JamTech Pro includes the school’s most experienced and disciplined students. Being audition­based, the JamTech Pro band will have access to more frequent live performance and studio opportunities. JamTech Pro is free to enroll, pending audition results, and requires enrollment in either JamTech Session or JamTech Artist