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Tech-enhanced lessons with JamTech
Our techie-driven music lessons create faster learning in the lesson room, and better sound on the stage. This section’s too fast? Can’t hear those harmonies? Having trouble finding notes in a song? The JamTech Method can slow down, correct pitch, and otherwise manipulate a track so that we can teach any recorded music.

Pro Teachers

A-list team of teachers, using the JamTech Method
We’ve gathered a strong team of professional Nashville musicians and teachers, and trained them in the JamTech Method. Every lesson at JamTech is top-calibur, and covers every style of playing you want to learn.
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Material made just for you!

JamTech provides top quality sheet music and practice materials, no matter what you study
Have you ever tried to find sheet music for a popular song online? Either it’s only half-right, costs an arm and a leg, or simply doesn’t exist! At JamTech, we provide custom-tailored sheet music for the songs you work on in your lessons and group programs. By writing it ourselves, we can be sure that the music you’re learning is right, and it’s right for you.